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Unity, founded by Felix Carthian , was meant to be the temporary new home for humanity.  But it has become a large city and is growing across the moon.  Unity is now the intergalactic hub for all the civilizations touched by humanity.  All species are welcomed and it has become a melting pot of all 7 known sentient races.  Because of this human technology has slowly started spreading to the different worlds.  Unity is also home to a council of representatives of each race.  They are have slowly developed various regulations for interplanetary interaction.  To that effect that they have created a large fleet of patrol ships to try and protect and assist interplanetary travelers in any way they can.  They also attempt to prevent technologically advanced groups from going to less developed planets and taking advantage of the denizens of those planets. As time wore on, the Unity Council has become more and more controlling.  Seizing power as various acts of violence occurred on the moon. They mean well, but many citizens are starting to feel stifled bya the quickly expanding control of the council.  

Unity was once a domed city, until a gnome by the name of Crufeus Tuzor discovered a way that Unity could expand without being restricted by domes.  He developed the Tuzor Spire using giant fulgin batteries and runes to form a magical invisible atmosphere over the entire moon.  With this development Unity was able to expand much more quickly and naturally.  The initial expansion was along the equator of the moon where the temperature is most stable.  Eventually miners began expanding more and more toward the poles.  

Unity is unique in that because of its path around its planet the northern pole is quite hot (Can get over 100 degrees F) and the southern pole is very cold (often in the negatives).  Usually only miners venture into these harsher climates and there are much fewer Tuzor Spires there so the air is thinner, like being at high altitudes.   


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Each mining district is fairly vast and covers the southern and northern poles of the moon.  They are where the majority of Unity’s lower class works mining mostly for ambradite and fulgin.  While you’ll see members of every race working in the mines, dwarves and gnomes make up the majority of the mining populace as their planets are known for mining.  

Economically, most of Unity is based on barter and trade.  Trading technology and magical artifacts is common.  Fortunately most planets used gold/silver/copper as currency locally.  Elves have leaf shaped coins, Gnomes have cogs, and dwarves simple face coins.  After much debate it was agreed upon that all of these coins could be used across all planets. Though some value foreign coins more highly purely for their rarity.  The resources most in demand in the galaxy are gold, black powder, Fulgin, Carsilorate and Ambradite.  Fulgin and Carsilorate are the metals used to create the crucial batteries that power most technology in this world.  Ambradite is a crystal that when enchanted can become incredibly potent starship fuel.  Various corporations are starting to develop and try to seize control of these resources.  


Magic on Unity is fairly common, with many students of the magical arts wishing to travel the stars in the hopes of learning new arcana. Most magicians are able to find work around unity practicing their craft.  There aren’t any magic schools on Unity but experienced magic users are often willing to take on apprentices.  


Unity is the technological hub of the known world.  Most of the human scientists ended up there and their descendants and students still work in Unity working towards terraforming the moon and expanding the city.  There is a fully functioning spaceport there with tons of pilots and repairmen eager to work.  With the discovery of Ambradite space travel has become much more common.   Blasters and energy weapons are banned on Unity after various tragedies occurred. And are only permitted by the Unity Guard.  Some can be created and produced within the black market, but are incredibly expensive.  Interplanetary vessels were initially incredibly rare, but after gnomes developed ambradite as a fuel source, they were able to begin manufacturing ships shortly thereafter.

Unity, as its name implies is a mostly peaceful world full of people working together.  Most people are happy with the work of the Unity Council and are eager to work towards a brighter future.  It's not all perfect though, there are plenty of criminals looking to steal various technologies and minimal law enforcement.  There is also a small cult forming on Unity that are anti-magic and think its use must be heavily regulated. They call themselves the Purifiers and are mostly made up of humans, but not entirely.  

Notable People:

Arthur Phoenix – Owner of Phoenix Corp, very old, 4 sons all vying for inheritance. 

Bryce Cullen – Leader of the purifiers, anti-magic zealots.

Notable Locations:

Carthian Spaceport – Bustling, massive.

Earth Preservation Gardens- Peaceful place to spend time, source of food, Domed.

Town Hall – Created from fallen space station.

Marketplace – full of shops, carts and craftsmen eager to sell their wares.  

Drax Industries Tower - Largest building on Unity.  

Southern and northern mining districts.  


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