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Elves have existed for thousands of years; even longer than humanity.  They have always relied on magic to fuel their societies and view technology as something that could taint their magic. Elves refer to technology as "Atish'all" or abomination.  They have permitted a small settlement, called Harbinger, for humans and other races, but do not permit technology to leave the walls of the settlement.  They are by far the most advanced in the use of magic and their schools are second to none in magic education.  Other races are permitted to attend, but only if they take an oath to give up technology. Most elves refuse to leave Otera, but some rebellious types venture forth to discover what the universe has to offer.

There are 3 different races of elves on Otera. Night elves live in caves and tunnel systems that run through mountain ranges and underneath forests.  They are dark skinned with very light hair.  They draw magical energy from the roots of trees.  Night elves specialize in Shadow Magic.  Wood elves live in the densest forests of Otera.  Some with trees over a mile high. They build vast cities in the trees drawing power from the leaves.  Wood elves have very tan skin and their hair a greenish tint.  They are masters of wood magic.  High elves (as they dubbed themselves) live in the valleys and meadows between the forests.  They are the most populous elven race and their cities are vast.  They have very fair skin with bright golden and amber hair.  They draw magical energy from the trunks of trees and are masters of healing arcana.  

The closest thing to a religion elves have is their reverence towards the trees of their world, which they believe fuel all life and magic. There is a priesthood of elves whose sole responsibility is the car and protection of the Elder Trees.  They are the only ones who are allowed to harvest resources from the trees and do so using ancient magical ceremonies. Penalties for anyone outside of the order harming trees are very harsh.  Another superstition many elves possess is the belief that technology interferes with or infects their magical energy.  As technology like electricity is considered blasphemous to elves, they use magic for almost everything.  Their cities are filled with elevators, architecture, and tools all fueled by magic.  

Otera is most known for its massive trees more than anything.  Known as Elder Trees they are often over a mile high.  These trees seem to emit mana into the world and amplify magical abilities.  With its 2 suns the planet is very sunny and days there last very long.  Some magical creatures on Otera include the Varterral, giant spiders, griffins and dragons. A very common plant called “Elfroot” on Otera is known for its healing properties.  It is rumored that some secret treasures lie deep underground on Otera. Many people assume large amounts of Carsilorate or Ambradite lie dormant underground as the elves do not allow mining on Otera.  

Wildlife on Otera is like most things on the planet, very peaceful.  Colorful birds scatter the skies, furry creatures occupy the many forests.  Even the predators are often beautiful, large colorful lizards and cats.  There are dragons on Otera, but very few, and they are intelligent secretive rather than wild beasts.  Because of the abundance of magical energy on Otera Elemental creatures are fairly common.  Specters of Fire, Air and water are often encountered throughout the world.  

Harbinger is a small settlement, that is growing a little too fast for the space they’ve been given.  Harbinger has a small spaceport and is responsible for making sure no technology gets beyond the city walls.  As they grow and request more land it is becoming clear that they are becoming less and less welcome.  The elves are aware of the existence of Unity and their large cities on other worlds and perhaps feel less obliged to supply humanity with a home than they did initially.  


Notable People:

High Elf Queen: Hereal Malloran (Master Magician, intelligent, pretentious)

Night Elf King: Kyrial Elendi (Reclusive, wise, old, wary of technology)

Wood Elf High Ranger: Alowar Tallowan (Young, Brash, Curious)

Mayor of Harbinger:Charles Highgate (Salt of the earth, Wise, Welcoming)


Notable Places:

Kilythialus: Capital high elf city.  Built at the base of Mount Aerenthal.  

Lemothal: Second largest High elf city.  Home of the mage school. Built in the center of a large forest

Mount Aerenthal: Largest mountain on Otera, capital night elf city inside.  Home of the High Tree The highest point on Otera.

The Verdant Acropolis: Biggest forest on Otera. Capital city of the wood elves built in its canopy.   

Harbinger: Human Settlement on Otera. Walled off strictly regulated.


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