<meta />Dwarves rule on Kaitos.  Their society is very medieval/feudal.  Instead of building castles they build cities into mountains and rule from inside.  Halflings, known as hobbits to dwarves, are are treated as second class citizens and, in the worst case, as slaves. They are usually forced to work on farms in the valleys of the overworld while most of their crop goes to feed dwarves in the mountains in exchange for protection.  Most were content with this life as halflings are not ambitious and are natural farmers, but when travelers from another world entered their planet, their perspective changed.  Thousands of halflings left Kaitos to live with humans on unity and many search for a new home for their people. Most dwarves have stopped taking advantage of halflings, but ancient tensions still reside.  

What makes Kaitos unique is what locals refer to as "The Curse".  Any living being who dies under the light of the moon will rise again as undead.  This is what pushed the ancient dwarves into the mountains to avoid this curse and protect themselves from the zombies that plague their world.  Cursed creatures can take on many forms, depending on their magical strength in life, the strongest of which can retain their memories and intelligence in death.  If their bodies are burned or disintegrated they create spirits howling through the forests possibly more dangerous than the normal undead.   The most ancient of undead appear taller and more humanlike than dwarves or halflings…seemingly indicating that the two species have evolved from something else.  

The Dwarf nations are designated by the mountains they occupy.  Dwarvish culture is rich in tradition and as such these cities are still ruled by monarchies. Mining metals is the core trade of dwarves.  Their mountains are rich with various resources that are in high demand by the other planets.  This has resulted in many dwarves becoming quite rich. The three largest mountain ranges contain the 3 largest nations. [[Sligans Volcano]]houses the dark skinned lava dwarves, known for their expert metal craft.  These dwarves also discovered black powder, which is still used throughout the galaxy for weapons and fuel. Ekirk Slopes is an icy northern peak which is rich in Fulgin.  Goreg Mountain is mostly surrounded by forest and rivers and is rich in gold.  

Halflings on Kaitos have never formally organized into nations.  Simply farming villages that served the local mountain.  Recently however more and more halflings are leaving Kaitos and dwarves are more often being forced to farm their own food.  Because of this, halflings that have remained are working harder than ever trying to keep up with demand.  Despite saying otherwise most dwarves still consider halflings a lesser species which has made them unpopular amongst the other races.  

Religion on Kaitos is very serious amongst the dwarven cities.  Many dwarves believe that the curse was caused by the sins of their ancestors.  Their churches promote purity and seeking forgiveness for their ancestors sins.  Dwarven priests are often mages as well, using their magics to persuade others of their holiness.  Ironically the church does not recognize halflings and thus does not encourage dwarves to treat their short cousins with respect.  Dwarves believe that the mountains were given to them by their gods, and each mountain range is named after a God in their pantheon.  

Aside from the dead, Kaitos is home to much wildlife, the over world is quite treacherous and thus the creatures living there are hardened and dangerous.  Trolls, giant bears, giant eagles and griffins are commonplace on Kaitos and often come into the valleys to try and capture a halfling for dinner.  The flora is very forest-y, large oak trees cover most of the world, between the mountains and valleys and rivers.  

Dwarves are practical when it comes to technology.   Once dwarves learned of steam power however, they began utilizing the abundance of coal in their mines to begin automating a lot of their work.  This has led the dwarves to develop a sort of industrial era technological level.  Mechanical golems, trains, firearms, and cars are common in the mountain cities of Kaitos.  Despite being wary of the foreign technologies of earth they had no problem allowing a space port to be built however, as they quickly found that the "strange people from the stars" will pay a lot of gold for the various metals and resources found in their mountains.  

Notable People:

Fosgrael Ingotgrog – King of Goreg Mountain.  Richest dwarf in the galaxy.  

Aznuthra Steelbrow – Queen of Sligans Volcano.  

Khurfor Ashbrand – King of Ekirk Slopes.  

Morgreana Duskmane – a very technologically minded dwarf.  She started [[Kaitan Industries]]. Which owns and operates the space port on Kaitos. [[Kaitan Industries]] is slowly growing and expanding as a force in the galaxy.  


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