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Elysian Nebula:


Earth is dead and the Sun collapsed.

Before the Earth fell human society was incredibly advanced. Cybernetic enhancements, VR, AI.. Scientists focused their efforts on perfecting intergalactic travel in order to explore the galaxy and find new homes for humanity.   A nearby cluster of stars, called the Elysian Nebula, was home to many livable planets amongst it’s solar systems.  Humans began preparing massive ships to transport as many a people as possible out of our solar system.  They were not fast enough however. Only the initial scouting groups were able to make out before the sun died, it is estimated only 30,000 humans escaped.  

The 5 hospitable planets they discovered throughout the Elysian Nebula were each populated by different species of sentient life.  The planets were all smaller, roughly between ¾’s to ½ the size of earth.  Of the societies discovered on these planets none were nearly as advanced as human civilization had been. Though all of them had some connection to a force that was missing from our galaxy….Magic. Different societies used magic varying degrees and purposes and humanity has since embraced it.  Many humans have gone on to become quite proficient magic users.  

It’s now been 500 years since the collapse of the Sun, and humanity has spread out across the Nebula. Many have found homes and formed colonies on planets cohabitating with other species. Others live on space ships, traveling the galaxy looking for other new places to live.  On an uninhabited moon surrounding the gaseous planet Sorlan a new colony was formed and flourished into a massive city called Unity.  

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