Elysian Nebula

Chapter 13

Party spends a few weeks building the funds for a trip to Pluto. 

When they land to sell their final batch of Rantipole they find their buyer dead and are attacked by ninjas. 

When they return to their ship they realize one of Brigan's men Presthius has taken it over.  

The party manages to kill everyone on board and fly their ship towards Pluto. 

Chapter 12

While in their escape pod, the Party is picked up by the HWS Fortitude.

Captain Vyctor has questions for all of them about the incident.  

Each player has to answer questions from Vyctor. 

They succeed in avoiding detainment and leaving with the case. 

Which they deliver to Brigan and are paid for. 

They also have messages from Harlinn Antorn and Inspector Damari. 

Damari wants to talk to Leo about androids.  

Antorn has completed the map, it leads to Pluto.  

Chapter 11a
The Duchess

Brigan hires the crew to steal a very powerful artifact called Adriyel's Flower.  A font of infinite solar energy. 

He is transporting the flower on the Duchess a pleasure vessel that orbit Unity.  

The party infiltrates the Duchess in a variety of roles in an attempt to steal the artifact.  

As they succeed the ship is attacked by the purifiers led by the ships club singer Karina Kore.

players sneak around to the escape pods.  Fighting their way through purifiers and Karina.  

Chapter 10D
Defending Haven

party returns to Haven, they begin repairing their ship.  

Leo meets with Sierra Viari, the mayor to discuss a business proposition.  

Transporting spikey rantipole, the key ingredient in a drug called Luna.  They agree to an arrangement and being loading up the stuff.  

Meanwhile they are attacked by captain bulah and the remaining Red Armada. 

They defeat them and have a giant sand wurm eat their tank.  

Chapter 10B
The Race

The party enters the race in their buggy. Which is kitted out with monster truck wheels and a machine gun.  

They proceed to destroy every other car in their path.  

When they reach the end, they are attacked by a dragon.  

They then return to Haven.  

Chapter 10

Party is intercepted by the red Armada fleet leaving Kaitos. 

They escape through a dangerous electrical storm around the planet of Obat.  They crash land, and are immediately attacked by a group of orcs and then a T-Rex.  

After the battle some scouts from Haven arrive to help.  

They tie up the ship and drag it back, and are attacked by another group of orcs. 

When they arrive in Haven, they are told that one way they can win a new Electromagnetic Regenerator Matrix is to compete in the Dragon Storm Race.  


Chapter 9

Blaggard gets a message from Specter, and old smuggling buddy of theirs.  

He needs them to pick up some cargo for him.  

When they arrive its clearly a trap, the Red Armada got their first.  

Party cuts the power and sneaks in, killing lots of pirates.  

They then load up the slaves they were hired to transport and escape, battling some red armada fighters on the way.  

Jasmine a rough looking halfling girl decides to stay.  

Chapter 8
Bounty Hunting

Party takes a Bounty to Take out Gayle Cadin, who they encountered in chapter 2 sort of.  

They find her on the pole of Unity.  near a mining town called Thrunt Square. 

The party looks around asking about gayle, Azdehn buys a tube. 

They learn she is hiding out in an abandoned factory.  

She is creating an army of weaponized mining robots and they defeat gayle.  She is also an android.  

Bo picks up some jump boots. 

Chapter 7
Gun Running

Players set up a meeting with Brigan to sell the guns. 

They pick up a passenger named Athros. 

During the gun meeting they are ambushed by the purifiers.  

Athros is working with them, and he is an android. 

Chapter 6
Completing the Map

Ponce dies from his own men as they attack the facility.  

Players escape to Unity and bring Snillis out drinking to get to know him better.  

They also meet Brigan a large human who is taking over Ponce's operation. 

They go to Otera to meet with Harlinn Antorn to complete the space map. 

They agree to go find a young boy who left Harbinger with a gun.  

They hang out with some elves and save the boy and pick up a whole chest full of guns. 

Arlinn needs about a month to fix the map. 


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