Elysian Nebula

Chapter 3
Arriving on Terronda

The Crew of the Lampyridae arrived on Terronda.  

After a quick shopping trip they met up with Audomare an old friend of Leo.  

He asked the party to do a bounty hunt for him in exchange for information about Ponce's whereabouts.  Orderic Farfoot, a Gnome nationalist who stole an Ambradite shipment from Audomare.   

Azdehn and T'lann visited the Laprian University. Azdehn stole a book and T'lann dropped off a flower.  

The party split up to search Orderic's home and shop, and discovered he was planning on blowing up Stone Tree, a largely elven apartment building.  

The party searched the sewer and discovered Orderic just in time to stop the explosion.  

They acquired some gold, ambradite and a Bounty Hunter's license before Audomare pointed them towards Eskan to find Ponce.  

Welcome to the Elysian Nebula
The Story So Far

As we are preparing for our 3rd adventure in the Elysian Nebula here is a quick recap! 

At our first adventure the party met up with Leonard Snart who hired them to steal his ship, the lampriadae from the crime boss, Gafusin "Ponsey" Ponce.  

After a sudden, but inevitable betrayal by Leonard's partner Blayne, the team made a daring escape proving their competence and value to the group.  

The party makes a route to Terronda to find Ponsey and rescue Leo's old friend Blaggert.  On the way they stopped and helped out a Phoenix Corp transport ship after their Mining Droids went haywire and started murdering the crew. 


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